The most expensive beers in the world, part 1


We got used to the fact that some brands release a bottle of wine or champagne, for which you have to pay an astronomical amount of money. And what about the beer ? Do not worry, there are a few “pearls” in this industry too. Here it is a ranking of the most expensive beers in the world!

10. Pabst Blue Ribbon
This beer is produced , and thus available only in China. One bottle will cost you about $44 . Why so much? It is stocked in whiskey barrels.

9.  Tutankhamun Ale

Although the name and design suggest that the beer is produced in Egypt, in a fact it is created at the brewery in the UK. So where do this look come from ? Tutankhamun beer exists thanks to the archaeologist, who came across the remains of the brewery during his excavations in Egypt. For a bottle of this royal drink you will pay $75!

8.  BrewDog Sink the Bismarck
In case of this beer, is not only the price that can evoke a twist in your head but also the alcohol content closed in one bottle! 41 %!! in a price of $80 for bottle!

7. Sapporo Space Barley

4f6e15955cd1993b4ea8f4f62ddb349d,12,1Don’t be surprised with this stellar design! The barley used in production of this beer was bred on the International Space Station! They put a lot of work in it so they needed to award it with an astronomical price – $110 for a six-pack!