The most expensive beers in the world, part 1


We got used to the fact that some brands release a bottle of wine or champagne, for which you have to pay an astronomical amount of money. And what about the beer ? Do not worry, there are a few “pearls” in this industry too. Here it is a ranking of the most expensive beers in the world!

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House of Card Wines


If you don’t play, you will never win. The risk, say winemakers Liz and Travis Wray is a permanent part of their work. Hard to believe isn’t it? It’s easier when you read the story of their wines House of Cards .

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Wedding bottle labels


Have you ever wonderedhow to make your wedding an unique one that everyone will remember for a long time? The ideas depend on creativity of bride and groom but if there is nothing special coming to their minds, comes with the help. Surprise your guests with unusual wedding labels on alcohol bottles.
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Personalized bottle labels


Homemade wine and beer have lot of admirers. The joy of creating something unique and special, makes that more and more people are getting interested in this kind of hobby. Can it be anything else that will make the bottle excellent inside and outside? Yes it is, personalized bottle labels.

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